Employee Profiles

Tracy Weber, P.E.

Tracy has worked extensively in Civil Engineering including site and drainage design, land development, water/wastewater, and light structural designs (common building framing/foundation plans), for the past twenty years. He has developed an in-depth knowledge and proficiency in the use of the civil and structural engineering design software utilized by the industry. Tracy is experienced in many aspects of civil engineering including design, construction and project management of small- to large-scale private and government construction projects. His experience with the US Forest Service has given him much insight into designing and constructing projects in and around culturally and environmentally sensitive sites. Recent projects involve various subdivisions and site developments around the state of New Mexico including designs for both urban (high density) and rural conditions. Tracy has been successful in the coordination of these projects, which require contact with local government agencies and utility providers, as well as state and federal agencies such as the State Historic Preservation Office, US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Forest Service, State Construction Industries Division, and the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT).


Pamela Weber

Pam has worked extensively in roadway, drainage, and site design for the past twenty years, and has completed the design of numerous roadway, highway, and street design projects for NMDOT, local governments, and private entities. In addition to roadway design, she has designed many other projects such as site plans, parking lots, drainage studies, and mine closure plans. Pam is also experienced in many aspects of project development, from scoping reports and project coordination to drainage analyses. Pam has a thorough knowledge of the company's civil engineering software and has trained many engineers and technicians in its use at Weber Engineering as well as previous companies.